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Shaan has 25 years’ experience in key technology analysis and communications roles, at Gartner Group, Lotus, and IBM, where she devised the media strategies that increased their press coverage by 20%.


With a degree in Maths and Computer Science, and diploma in Business and Marketing, she has run a successful marketing consultancy for the past 10 years, working with a number of IT security companies including Clearswift, SonicWall, Veeam, McAfee and Trend Micro.


Consequently, Shaan has exceptional insight into how IT security works – and how the lack of emphasis on the human factor so often means that it doesn’t!


She co-founded Colworth Solutions to set that right.



Two security veterans. One realisation. Cyber-security begins with humans.


Colworth Solutions was formed by Shaan Sood and Simon Fletcher, both veterans in IT and security marketing.


As consultants working with some of the leading security software companies, they realised that no matter how good the products are, the strongest force in any cyber-security armoury is the human factor.


They discovered the innovative Layer 8 Toolkit, and founded Colworth Solutions to deliver it, both directly and through forward-thinking channel partners, so that businesses could finally activate their “human firewall".


The simple, snackable, online cyber-security education content, created by a team of skilled writers, helps all sizes of organisation change their staff security behaviours for the better - from the receptionist to the CEO. In return for a simple subscription, the people in a business become its permanent, constantly updated and upskilled defence against cyber-threats.


And through the,daily tips, quizzes, podcasts and more, managers can see and measure interactions - enabling them to identify where they need to boost cyber-security understanding in their organisation.





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Simon has over 20 years’ experience in technology marketing with high-profile businesses including Autonomy, MIRACL, RBS WorldPay, and Trend Micro.


His background in freelance journalism and pan-European communications also enabled him to found a successful marketing communications consultancy that has worked with technology and cyber-security specialists including Oracle, IBM, Celiveo, Blue Solutions, Comendo, S3 and many others.


Having produced huge volumes of communications for security software companies, Simon came to the conclusion that what was missing from most cyber-security strategies was the human factor.


He co-founded Colworth Solutions to set that right.


Why Become a Partner


If you’re a VAR, MSP or Systems Integrator, we’re the only channel partner that can make the human firewall happen for your customers.


For you, that means additional revenue streams that complement the existing security solutions you deliver.


If you’d like to boost your earnings from each and every customer you already have, and all those you’ve yet to bring on board, be our partner!

Layer 8 Toolkits – Everything you need to switch on your human firewall


Communications about security need to speak personally to people, and get them talking. Learn how Layer 8’s subscription solutions keep them talking – and transform security culture along the way..




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