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We address the human factor at the heart of cyber-security

People are often seen as the weakest link in the cyber-security chain. But we believe that if staff are engaged in the right way, then they can transform your security culture for the better. We deliver online content, tools and resources that spark and nurture these transformative conversations – and turn the human workforce into a human firewall.

And if you’re a VAR, MSP or Systems Integrator, we’re the only channel partner that can make that human firewall happen for your customers, too!

Arrests over 'cyber plot' to steal from Santander bank

Twelve men have been arrested over an "audacious" alleged plot to steal millions of pounds from a bank by remotely taking control of a computer.. Read the full Story...


Another homebuyer loses £67k as solicitors fail to warn of email fraud

Solicitors are failing to warn clients about the risks of using email during property transactions, despite explicit guidelines from anti-fraud authorities and their own trade body, the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Read the full Story...


The 'bogus boss' email scam costing firms millions

You return from a trip to find that hundreds of thousands of dollars has been transferred out of company accounts - apparently at your instruction.. Read the full Story...


UK courts experiencing surge in cyber-crime case load

The total cost of fraudulent activity in the UK surpassed a billion pounds for the first time in five years, reaching £1.137bn in 2016 compared to £732m the year before. Read the full Story...


Tighten up on blocking cyber crime or face financial ruin

Globally in 2015 more than 500million personal records were stolen or lost because of cyber crime and phishing attacks increased by 55%. Read the full Story...


Security professionals who have seen beyond the technology

We are senior professionals with well over 40 years’ combined experience in technology and security marketing, PR, and communications. So when we say that technology is only part of your cyber-security armoury, and that your people are your real cyber-defence, it’s from the horse’s mouth.







Even software security vendors like Sophos admit that cyber-security starts with *people*, not software!

WEBINAR: Tues 27th June 2017: 11.00am -12.00pm


BYOD – Working Collaboratively to Develop Secure Mobile Practices


Since it first became an issue in the workplace, back in 2009, Bring Your Own Device has gathered momentum year on year, and research shows that 85% of organisations now allow their employees to use smart devices in the workplace. Whilst the argument that smart technology boosts productivity, has proved unstoppable, the problem still remains of how to manage the unsecure data, and networks which these devices introduce to a controlled business environment.


In this webinar, Layer 8 introduces the issues and challenges posed by BYOD for security teams, and provides a range of suggestions for setting up a collaborative approach to managing it.


Layer 8 Toolkit – A web-based portal providing everything you

need to switch on your human firewall


Why Become a Partner


If you’re a VAR, MSP or Systems Integrator, we’re the only channel partner that can make the human firewall happen for your customers.


For you, that means additional revenue streams that complement the existing security solutions you deliver.


If you’d like to boost your earnings from each and every customer you already have, and all those you’ve yet to bring on board, be our partner!

Layer 8 Toolkits – Everything you need to switch on your human firewall


Communications about security need to speak personally to people, and get them talking. Learn how Layer 8’s subscription solutions keep them talking – and transform security culture along the way..




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